Tech hiring bounces back after winter challenges

Did you know that the technology industry had roughly 2.4 million job openings as of 2023? Surprisingly, approximately 60% of professionals in the industry switched from non-tech careers to tech careers.

However, due to the economic uncertainty, some IT professionals have become more risk-averse with their decisions, which has affected the tech hiring game. It’s understandable to feel concerned in such a context.

Our Global Tech Talent Trends report revealed a noticeable shift in IT professionals’ willingness to change jobs. In 2023, 5.8 out of 10 workers considered changing jobs compared to 6.5 out of 10 in 2022. Beyond the statistics, we observed a change in how candidates handled job offers, taking longer to accept offers and considering more variables before making a decision.

So, we observe here two distinct trends: IT professionals with extensive experience in economically developed countries tend to be content and settled in their current roles and, on the other hand, those in the early stages of their careers or working in countries with lower salaries are becoming more active in seeking new opportunities.

Due to escalating talent shortage, IT professionals must embrace remote work and/or relocate opportunities to different countries. Despite cultural barriers, working as non-local IT staffing providers is an inevitable road to growth in this competitive landscape.

That got us wondering what the tech world will be like in 2024, so we broke down the top 10 tech job positions to keep an eye on in the upcoming year:

10. Computer network engineer

Stay sharp with cloud computing and IoT – these are the tools that will keep you ahead as a Computer Network Engineer.

Mastering these technologies is crucial for ensuring smooth operations in any organisation!

9. Product Manager

For aspiring Product Managers, it’s essential to balance your tech know-how with market understanding and strategic planning.

Keep an eye on customer trends and align them with your product vision!

8. Front-end Developer

As a Front-end Developer, your toolkit should include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Embrace creativity and technical expertise to make websites and apps that stand out!

7. AI/Machine Learning engineer

AI and Machine Learning engineers, focus on the latest developments in AI and ML.

Staying updated in this fast-evolving field is key to building the technologies of tomorrow.

6. Cybersecurity engineer

Cybersecurity Engineers, prioritise your proficiency in network security and data protection.

The landscape is constantly evolving, so staying ahead of digital threats is crucial.

5. Data Scientist

Data Scientists, your role articulates on turning data into strategic insights.

Sharpen your skills in data analysis and predictive modeling to drive business success.

4. Cloud Engineer

It’s vital to have a firm grasp of cloud technologies and solutions.

Your expertise in this area is essential for driving business innovation and scalability.

3. Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Security Engineers, focus on mastering security frameworks and cloud platforms.

Your role in safeguarding cloud infrastructure is more critical than ever.

2. Blockchain Engineer

Keep up with blockchain technology’s rapidly changing landscape.

Understanding its complexities and potential applications is key to success in this field.

1. Cloud Solutions Architect

Your focus should be on designing efficient and scalable cloud infrastructures.

Stay ahead with your knowledge of various cloud platforms and strategic planning skills!


ChatGPT and the growing need for IT expertise

And for those who believe that ChatGPT or any other AI will reduce the number of software engineers, caution. Historically, the opposite has never happened when a new disruptive technology has emerged. Take by example the introduction of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), the World Wide Web, No/Low Code, and so on. The emergence of ChatGPT will continue this pattern, and this time will not be any different, the demand for IT professionals will increase significantly.

Even though we believe in these trends, we’re launching a survey ‘Global Tech Talent Trends’ to have more solid quantitative data to improve the overall level of knowledge in the whole market on this topic.

For this, we’re calling for the participation of all IT Professionals to fill out the survey with their perspectives on this topic! It only takes a few minutes. You can fill it here.

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